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Chain drive sprockets have individual induction hardened segments that are replaceable without removing the sprocket hub from the shaft or conveyor body Heavy duty bearings are mounted outside of the material trough for reliable operation and easy maintenance

Manufacturer of tubular drag chain conveyors for the agricultural, chemical, energy, food processing, mineral/mining and pharmaceutical industries Tubular chain conveyors transports a variety of materials and has conveying capacities of 10 to 2200+ ft/min Features include low energy consumption

China Bucket Elevator supplier, Belt Conveyor, Chain Conveyor Manufacturers/ SuppliersHenan Province Yingda Machinery Manufacturing Chain conveyors: FU chain conveyor, drag conveyor, scraper chain conveyor and Cast stone scraper conveyor etc 5 Apron feeders: Light duty apron feeder, middle duty apron

Conveyor chains, whether they are roller or cast in construction, are found today in vir tually every industry Unlike other types of chains that transfer

Screw Conveyors are economical and space saving solution for transferring powders or granular materials from a lower to a higher level The bulk material withdrawn from a silo, hopper, conveying or feeding device may be discharged by screw conveyor into a weigh hopper, into one or more bins or silos, or into another conveyor or conveying system

Home » Custom Conveyor » Chain Conveyor Chain Conveyor Tell Us About Your Project Commonly referred to as Drag Chain Conveyor , Lauyans Company can provide you with a heavy duty design that will transport your most difficult unit loads

A structural drag chain conveyor is designed for ultra heavy duty applications The conveyor moves at a slower rate than other drag conveyors but it can handle

In addition, our knowledgeable and friendly staff specializes in Cleated Belt, Dirt Conveyors, Horizontal Belt Conveyor, Low Profile Conveyor, Parts Conveyor, Portable Belt Conveyors, Conveyors

For conveyors that require higher accuracy positioning Oriental Motor offers a wide range of Stepper Motor and Servo Motor solutions Stepper motors, with their ability to product high torque at a low speed while minimizing vibration, are ideal for applications requiring quick positioning over a short distance Servo motors are easy to operate and allow for smooth operation with large inertial

Underpile drag chain reclaimers can be used for coal, limestone, wood particles, biomass, petroleum coke, gypsum and other materials With high capacity capabilities and low maintenance requirements, underpile drags chain conveyors are very economical

Sudenga Industries pioneered this unique concept in drag chain conveyors These innovative low profile conveyors feature big capacity with the advantage of minimized installation cost and the long term durability of drag conveyors

Drag/Chain/Tow Conveyors are material handling systems that use mechanical devices attached to moving members, usually chains or cables, to drag or tow products Key specifications include the intended application, conveyor type and configuration, load capacity, and power rating, as well as other electrical requirements

Description: Drive Head for Low Profile Chain Conveyor 10,000 BPH uses 15HP Motor not included *This product is included in the Low Profile Chain Conveyor Unit Optional items can be ordered to fit your specific requirements

Dorner Low Profile Belt Conveyor Systems Production Resources Application Engineers are experts on materials handling conveyor applications, including automated assembly, power press parts handling, scrap removal, food handling, and pharmaceuticals handling

how to calculate submerged drag chain conveyor continental belt conveyor Sidewinder Conveyor Design Software Sidewinder Conveyor The program can handle conveyors of any geometry Read more Motor Calculation For Chain Conveyor

Sukup Drag Conveyors are also customizable to fit your operation and material handling needs Exclusive, patented cover design keeps dust in and water

26ft Drag chain conveyor, box chain conveyor, 26ft long box chain conveyor, width 14inch inside X 16 inches tall, bottom of trough is lined with nylon/plastic, 5HP Teco gear box, prior use was sawdust/wood waste and was inside of building, conveyor will b

The trough/drag chain conveyor is a conveying device that continuously conveys powder, granules, small pieces, and other loose materials in a closed casing by means of a moving scraper chain Because the scraper chain is embedded in the material being conveyed, it is called the trough/dray chain conveyor

The Drag Chain Conveyor is used to continuously remove and convey a wide range of bulk materials over short distances The single or multiple chain strand enclosed systems are driven by a motor through a gear reducer and ensure low wear and power consumption This conveyor reflects customers needs for a machine that operates reliably, with low maintenance requirements and is environmental

The low horsepower motor produces the slow, steady drag that cuts your energy costs when conveying powders or bulk solids Move challenging materials Our tubular drag conveyors handle high moisture ingredients and abrasive, blended, friable, easy to compact or smear products without compromising quality or efficiency

We have to make a few assumptions to provide a starting point for each type of conveyor, so if you would like a more exact estimate, please feel free to contact one of our sales engineers, and they can help you determine the right conveyor for your systems as well as the amount you will need

2015 08 19 Chain Conveyor Structure Simple Structure Made In China SS 304 Belt Chain Link Conveyor iron ore mining apron pan feeder drag chain conveyor

26ft Drag chain conveyor, box chain conveyor, 26ft long box chain conveyor, width 14inch inside X 16 inches tall, bottom of trough is lined with nylon/plastic, 5HP Teco gear box, prior use was sawdust/wood waste and was inside of building, conveyor will b

Chain or Drag Conveyors are designed for conveying dry solids such as free flowing powders, granules, pellets and flakes The hot galvanised, flanged casing consists of a tail and a The hot galvanised, flanged casing consists of a tail and a

A low horsepower 25 HP motor moves a stainless steel chain with polyethylene flights through out the conveyors 325 foot 99 meter circuit to a final discharge height of 115 feet 35 meters at a 79 degree incline The continuous operating conveyor moves 883 cubic feet 25 cubic meters of PTA powder per hour By Joe Zerbel Hapman Product Manager Faced with tight profit margins in an ever

Low Profile Type Conveyors with 15mm of the Pulley Dia They can be installed in narrow spaces, such as the exhaust part of press machines They can be installed in narrow spaces, such as the exhaust part of press machines

design calculation for coal chain drag conveyor The KWS Industrial Duty drag conveyor is designed for high performance, low maintenance conveying

Round Bottom Drag Conveyor Design Standards The KWS Industrial Duty drag conveyor is designed for high performance, low maintenance conveying With a durable, heavy gauge trough for greater strength and structural rigidity, each drag conveyor is

Chain Vey's initial cost is comparable to any competing tubular drag chain conveyor When looked at over the lifetime cost of ownership, Chain Vey's ultra high reliability, low electricity consumption, and near zero replacements parts in the first few years put it well ahead of any competing system

How Do Tubular Drag Chain Conveyors Work? Also known as tube chain conveyors, tubular drag conveyors, tubular drag link conveyors and chain disk conveyors, these conveyors use a chain and disc assembly See above photo to pull or drag material along a

Tubular Chain Conveyors are the best way to transport materials in a gentle, safe, dust free and efficient manner These systems are extremely durable easily adapting to the most challenging conditions

Direct Conveyors manufactures the most comprehensive portfolio of low profile conveyors in the industry Providing both standard and custom designed conveyance solutions, we can improve your productivity and efficiency to lower your operating cost Direct Conveyors is a customer driven company with one simple goal, make it easy to purchase your material handling solution We are committed to

Renold conveyor chain design is emphasised, followed by guidance on selection procedure Detailed descriptions are given of the various methods of application in a variety of mechanical handling problems and under widely varying conditions The supporting material includes various reference tables and statistics From the pyramids to the railway revolution, muscle power of men and animals has

The tubular chain/cable drag chain conveyor is comprised of a stationary outer housing, usually round in shape, through which a chain/cable is pulled by a sprocket See Figs 1 and 3

Example: Driving a chain conveyor with a gear motor 2012 12 6 Example: Driving a chain conveyor with a gear motor and VFD Share Input data: A chain conveyor is to transport wooden boxes up a slope of α = 5° at a speed of 0 5 m/s

The chain arrangement is driven by a motor, and the material suspended on the pendants are conveyed Drag conveyors are used for moving products down an assembly line and/or around a manufacturing or warehousing facility

Configure and quote low profile conveyors 24 hours a day using our online Conveyor Configurator An intelligent assistant uses engineer developed rules to make sure all your components including gearmotors, stands, and sides/guides work together properly

A tubular drag chain conveyor can simplify your bulk solids handling life in several ways: It can con vey materials at any angle and in any plane around equipment and other obstacles in your plant The conveyor can handle friable and other delicate ma terials without particle degradation The unit can be equipped with a range of specialized components to handle tough material characteristics

Flexicon conveyors cost far less than drag chain conveyors, bucket elevators, pneumatic conveying systems and other conveyors of equivalent capacity, both initially and in operation 3 Save on maintenance Rugged inner screw is the only moving part contacting material no internal bearings yielding ultra high reliability with little maintenance cost or downtime 4 Use less energy Low

BHP Chain conveyors and feeders are designed to handle abrasive materials like fly ash, hot clinker, hot lime, coal, limestone lumps, etc Various designs of chains are available for drag chain conveyor, en masse conveyor and scraper/flight chain conveyor applications

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